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Taxes and Customs

Dear customers, thank you bought SABABUY

Please note that while the site is in 4 langues and offers diffrent langues support to its customers, SABABUY.COM IS INTERNATIONAL website, and part of the GLOBAL KINGDOM INTERNATION LIMITED group of e-commerce sites located in Hong Kong, Europe and China, and therefore, product prices do not include VAT, customs duties and purchase taxes and any purchase on the site is presumed personal import an for Israeli customs provisions as detailed below.


All products do not include VAT and taxes, most of the products purchased and imported to the site are not liable to pay tax (sales tax, customs duty and VAT). Tax type and height are set according to category set by the customs. For full details on Customs and customs duty rates standings personal imports various categories click here (link to it


Goods exempt from VAT (this only apply to is users other countries depenend of there countries law)

First person may import a full exemption from VAT and customs, items whose total value (including freight / shipping and taxes) is up to $ 75 excluding mobile phones, tobacco and alcohol products that are free of taxes and are calculated as of the first dollar.


Duty free

First person may import full exemption on purchase and import, items whose total value (including freight / shipping and taxes) is up to $ 500 excluding tobacco and alcohol products that are free of taxes and are calculated as of the first dollar.


Sales tax

In addition to the payment of VAT and customs on certain products such as smartphones, there was "sales tax" amount of 15%. Sales tax paid on orders over $ 75.


Fees for customs clearance

Products which enjoy full exemption from taxes, also exempt from paying regularly for customs clearance. For tax obligation packages, will be added to regular payment of NIS 85 - NIS 260 for customs brokerage, or other amount as required by the local supplier.


Gifts or compensation from the site or vendor

Every product purchased, or received as a gift or compensation from the supplier, even if it was not paid monetary compensation, tax will be charged according to the value if required and will be subject to the laws of the State of Israel imports.


When tax refund promotional product

In the case of credit \ refund for a product for which taxes were paid, will not be refunded tax payments paid.


Commercial imports

If the package is sent to Israel for the purpose of importing contains commercial products, please contact us for the purchase. (Link to contact us)

Not like many other Web sites, where there are special rules and lots of small print, in We offer free shipping on all orders on our website, with no minimum orders, or special exceptions.

- Sababuy important we understand you get what you have ordered quickly, so we make every effort to process an order, the speed of light

Therefore, we commit ourselves to send the product to you within 3-7 business days after we have made strict quality control, and packaging the product you have ordered. If the product fails to meet the quality standards we have set, we look for a replacement product, the same will pass the quality control and ask for your approval for replacement.



You can choose 3 options for shipping:

• Forwarding by mail: 21-30 days from Hshiloh- free shipping.

• delivery by mail with a tracking number and full insurance: 15-30 days from the shipment delivery - plus $ 2.

• Express shipping to your home in 10 business days plus $ 30 or by weight (whichever is cheaper).

Attention! Express shipments over $ 75 there may be additional costs in respect of customs clearance and physical examination at a cost of NIS 65 to NIS -250 depending on the product. (In addition of course to payment of VAT and customs).


Free returns within 6 months!

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, (no matter for what reason) you can return the product to us and get a full refund (All items returned must be in their original packaging and not used). We believe that in order to get the best online shopping experience in the world we must allow you to return the products within 6 months after purchase. All we ask is that you send the items back to us in their original packaging, and confessions that the merchandise is in the same condition you received

The product you do not need to send to faraway china (you can but not must ), but local Israeli address (for israeli customers).

Returnable if it has received and will be reviewed by our sorting center (usually within 72 hours), your credit card will be credited automatically and the policy of the credits of your credit card company.

Attention! Refund is only for the value of the product and does not include a refund of taxes paid by the customer.

For the avoidance of doubt, Cancellation after Item had already arrived at the customs post and if you have not been delivered to the customer must pay the full tax by the customer.


So how do you return a product for any reason for a refund. 

1. send an email to our customer with your full name, email, order number and reason for the return.

2. waiting for our answer (we answer really fast).

3.ship to local address ( il customers only and hk customers) you will receive an email with the adress

4. When we receive the product aprove, and will review it, we'll make credit your paypal or creadit account and send you an email confirmation

5.send only new in a box products for refunds .


Simple, right?